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US Cent Collection


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The collection includes the following: 

Indian Head Penny
This copper penny was minted in the US from 1859 to 1909 and features a portrait of an
Indian princess. It was the first cent to be granted legal status by the Coinage Act of 1864.

Lincoln Wheat Cent
This copper coin was first issued in 1909 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of
Abraham Lincoln’s birth. It was the first US coin to feature a historic rather than symbolic
figure. The wheat motif on the reverse side honors the predominantly agricultural United
States in the early part of the 20th century. Wheat Cents have become greatly desired by
collectors, both casual and professional. This is especially true with the 1909 issue
bearing the initials of the designer, Victor D. Brenner. Today, these are some of the rarest
and most sought after coins on the market.

“War Penny” (1943 Steel Lincoln Wheat Penny)
This special issue Lincoln Wheat Cent was only minted in 1943. It was made of zinc-
coated steel to conserve copper for the fabrication of bullets and cartridges used by US
troops in World War ll. Once commonly circulated, this coin has become increasingly
difficult to find.

Lincoln Memorial Cent
This copper penny was first minted in 1959 to honor Abraham Lincoln’s 150th birthday
and has been minted from 1983 to the present in copper-coated zinc. If you look closely
on the reverse side, the statue of Lincoln can be seen inside the Lincoln Memorial,
making this coin the first to feature the same person on both sides.

For over two centuries, the penny has been a constant among circulated U.S. coins. The penny is a true piece of Americana and a vital thread in the fabric of our country’s history. Since its initial minting in the late 18th century, the penny has undergone numerious changes in appearance, design and composition, yet remains the most common of all U.S. Coins. Buy your cent collection today. After all, a penny saved is in fact, a penny earned.


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