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Barber Vintage Coin Collection


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Barber Coin Set:

During no other time in American history have the various denominations of coins had such a similar design. All of the coins in this set were designed by Charles Barber. The dime, quarter and half dollar consist of 90% silver and 10% copper. Each has Miss Liberty (modeled after the greek goddess, Diana) facing right. The nickel is actually 75% copper and 25% nickel and has Miss Liberty facing left. At the time, a five dollar gold piece was similar in design and size to this nickel. Counterfeiters would gold-plate the nickel and try to pass it off as a gold piece. As a result, the word “cents,” and the letter “V” were added in 1884 to eliminate confusion. Includes: Liberty Head “V” Nickel (1859-1909) Liberty Head Dime (1883-1913) Liberty Head Quarter (1892-1916) Liberty Head Half-Dollar (1892-1915) *All coins in this set will have clear dates and are VG or better.


Made in USA


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