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Columbian Exposition Half Dollar Commemorative

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This coin is the first ever commemorative half dollar struck by the United States Mint. Minted to coincide with the World’s Fair: Columbian Exposition honoring the 400th anniversary of Columbus discovering the “New World”, the coin was minted in both 1892 and 1893 because the opening of the fair was delayed from October, 1892 until May, 1893. 90% silver and 10% copper, which means that it has a higher value based on the price of silver. Features Columbus on the obverse and the flag ship Santa Maria on the reverse. Obverse designed by Charles Barber and the reverse by George T Morgan – the chief engraver and the assistant chief No commemorative collection is complete without this first specimen. This is a great coin to introduce numismatic collecting to the many people that have been collecting the Coins of America Quarter and Presidential Dollar Collections.


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