Benjamin Franklin Silver Half-Dollar Minted 1948-1963


This tri-fold collection is an insightful peek into Franklin’s contributions ranging from, science, politics to publishing and more. There is much to learn about this Founding Father of our nation. The Franklin half dollar is a coin that was struck by the United States Mint (“Mint”) from 1948 to 1963. The fifty-cent piece pictures Founding Father Benjamin Franklin on the obverse and the Liberty Bell on the reverse. A small eagle was placed to the right of the bell to fulfill the legal requirement that half dollars depict the figure of an eagle. Produced in 90 percent silver with a reeded edge, the coin was struck at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mints.

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  1. James Stevens

    This was a great product to add to a treasure tin, though it wasn’t released back in ’06, which was the year of Franklin’s Tercentennial.

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