The Saloon Collection-Circulated Morgan Dollar

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The Saloon Collection-Circulated Morgan Dollar

Our first Morgan Dollar collection includes one (1) Very Good coin that fits well within the budget of most collectors. Each coin is hand-selected for eye-appeal, originality, and attractive surfaces. These are the exact coins that slid across bar room tables! Turn it over again and again, and imagine who touched it. Order a stack of them, and we guarantee that your poker games will never be the same! The price of this collection includes one (1) Morgan Dollar shipped in a plastic coin flip envelope. The coin(s) depicted are examples and not the actual coin(s). All of the coins in our Numismatic Gallery collections are hand selected by our Chief Numismatist for exceptional quality and value based on grade. If you are looking for specific years or mints please contact one of our product specialists at 1-866-461-6812.


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