The Eastwood Collection-Certified MS64 Morgan Dollar

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The Eastwood Collection-Certified MS64 Morgan Dollar

A step up from our Duke Collection, each coin in our Eastwood Collection displays finer quality with fewer contact marks, smoother surfaces, and sharply defined details. Flashy mint brilliance promises to dazzle the eye. Each coin has been professionally graded as MS-64 by either PCGS or NGC, so your coin’s grade is absolutely guaranteed. Although only a modest step up in price from the Duke Collection, you will immediately notice a difference in quality. Every coin is carefully selected and absolutely guaranteed to please! Over twenty different date and mintmark combinations are available (dates of our choice, but we will make every attempt to avoid duplication if requested). The price of this collection includes one (1) Morgan Dollar. The coin(s) depicted are examples and not the actual coin(s). All of the coins in our Numismatic Gallery collections are hand selected by our Chief Numismatist for exceptional quality and value based on grade. If you are looking for specific years or mints please contact one of our product specialists at 1-866-461-6812.