Baby Birthyear Coin Set Keepsake – 2017 Coins Included


My Birthyear Coin Set Keepsake is a folder of cherished memories.

The set contains five 2017 coins. Each coin is encapsulated within a LockTite crystal clear enclosure and affixed to a 5.5 X 8.5 in. attractive folder. The colorful folder also includes spots to enter the baby’s birth details, along with other fun facts from that special day.

2017 coins included:

  • Kennedy Half-dollar coin
  • Iowa Effigy Mounds National Monument Quarter (1st quarter of 2017 in the U.S. Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters Program TM.)
  • Roosevelt dime coin
  • Jefferson 5-cent coin
  • Lincoln one-cent coin

 ** Please call for pricing and availability of alternative year sets #: 866-461-6812 **

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2 reviews for Baby Birthyear Coin Set Keepsake - 2017 Coins Included

  1. Angel H (verified owner)

    Easy to pick up for a newborn with all the right stats

  2. Andy Passman (verified owner)

    The quarter coin is facing the opposite direction of the other coins. I’m thinking that this was an oversight on your part. Can I return it and get a book where all the coins are facing the same direction? Thanks

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