Smart Money Clip

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Smart Money Clip

The Smart Money Clip is the perfect replacement for bulky wallets!  Coins of America offers the same Smart Money Clip as seen on TV. With a gold-plated finish, the Smart Money Clip is the stylish way to securely carry cash and credit cards.  Using two-sided technology, the Smart Money Clip safely secures your cash and credit cards.

Side 1: Safely secure your cash, receipts, business cards and more in the spring-action clip.

Side 2: Secure up to 5 credit cards firmly within the grasp of the metal grip. There are no magnets to conflict with your credit cards!

The Smart Money Clip is perfect for gift giving.

- Give this smart gift to graduates, fathers, groomsmen and more.

- Make the occasion more memorable by engraving each clip with a unique message.

- Each comes with a custom fit gift box!


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