Search & Save: Nickels

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Search & Save: Nickels

Each Search & Save™ volume consists of a 64-page book bound with a Coin Album page for storing and displaying a coin collection. Richly illustrated and entertaining, Search & Save volumes are intended for beginning to intermediate hobbyists, and as a fun way to introduce newcomers to active coin collecting.

n 2004 and 2005 America celebrated the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition with the Westward Journey Nickel Series. New coin designs showed the exciting expedition into Louisiana Territory, the wildlife of the new frontier, and the American Indians encountered along the way.

With this attractive commemorative book and coin album, you’ll learn all about these coins and more. And you can build your own collection of Westward Journey nickels, plus other old and historic nickel five-cent pieces minted over the past 100-plus years! You’ll find some of them in pocket change; others will require some hunting.

This book and album is perfect for display and for long-term storage. It will keep your coins safe and show them off for future generations.