Rescue 1 Challenge Coin Collection

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Rescue 1 Challenge Coin Collection

Start with a 1.5" antiqued nickel silver challenge coin designed by the firefighters of one of New York's most decorated departments.The design incorporates elements of the shield, patch and logo for the unit. Add our colorful display card, which tells the story behind the creation of "Rescue" in words and pcitures supplied by the firehouse. This is the Rescue 1 Challenge Coin Collection. Collect all four FIREHOUSE SHIELDS Collections from the First Series. A portion of the proceeds will go to support the mission of the fire service.

Challenge Coins have a deep-rooted history. Everything from associating with comrades of particular military campaigns, to law enforcement pride, to individual accomplishments. The idea of carrying your challenge coin is a way of carrying your identity. If a fellow carrier of a challenge coin should “challenge” you, it is with pride and confidence that you present your coin as proof of commitment.