Mt. Rushmore Series 6 Acrylic Set

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Mt. Rushmore Series 6 Acrylic Set
The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is the epitome of American spirit and ingenuity made everlasting in a granite masterpiece. Coins of America is honoring 88 years of greatness with our complete Mt. Rushmore Series, a 6-acrylic set. This unique set celebrates Mount Rushmore and commemorates each of the 4 great presidents carved into Mount Rushmore. All 6 Coin and Stamp Sets included: - The Beginning (Uncirculated 2006 South Dakota Quarter) - George Washington (Uncirculated Presidential Dollar) - Thomas Jefferson (Uncirculated Presidential Dollar) - Theodore Roosevelt (Uncirculated Presidential Dollar) - Abraham Lincoln (Uncirculated Presidential Dollar) - Preserving Rushmore (Uncirculated 2013 Mt. Rushmore National Parks Quarter)