FFA 85th Anniversary Commemorative Challenge Coin Collection

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FFA 85th Anniversary Commemorative Challenge Coin Collection

Commemorate the 85th Anniversary of the National FFA Organization with an exclusively designed, limited-edition 85th Anniversary Coin Set!

Each limited edition commemorative includes:

- 1 Limited Edition FFA 85th Anniversary Coin

- 1 12-page booklet celebrating 85 years of FFA accomplishments and impact on agriculture.

- 1 7”x17” legacy package commemorating the National FFA Organization

Each set is a wonderful way to recount stories of old and celebrate 85 years of Learning To Do, Doing To Learn, Earning To Live, Living To Serve.


About the Coin Design

The burnished bronze finish compliments the colorful coin on which the obverse features the FFA crest.  The reverse of this commemorative coin celebrates the 85th anniversary of the organization.

About Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins have a deep-rooted history.  Everything from associating with comrades of particular military campaigns, to law enforcement pride, to individual accomplishments.  The idea of carrying your challenge coin is a way of carrying your identity.  If a fellow carrier of a challenge coin should “challenge” you, it is with pride and confidence that you present your coin as proof of commitment.