Coin Appraisal & Purchasing Service


Over the last twenty-five years you’ve known Coins of America as your best source for a wide range of coins, collectible sets, and innovative products. In response to customer demand, we are pleased to announce our Coin Appraisal and Purchasing Service in association with nationally-recognized rare coin professional, Andrew Kimmel.

Every year, dozens of Coins of America customers reach out to us curious about learning the value of their coins. Based on your requests, Coins of America now offers a full range of appraisal services individually tailored to fit your needs. Our appraisal services range from simple phone consultations for just a few coins all the way to in-person visits to your home or bank anywhere the United States (when warranted). In all cases, you will speak directly with a nationally-recognized, professional numismatist with decades of experience appraising, purchasing, and selling a complete range of coins, currency, and precious metals. 

No two collections are alike, so every appraisal represents a unique, exciting adventure for us at Coins of America. The first step in the adventure is for you to share basic information with us about the size, history, and profile of your material. Based on the scope of your holdings, we’ll suggest a range of appraisal options that dovetail with your needs. Perhaps you desire a simple overview of your collection. Or maybe you require a formal inventory of every item for insurance or estate planning. In all cases, we are here to help you learn the true value of your material.

If the time has come to sell your coins, we invite you to contact us with confidence. Because we need a wide range of material to keep our customers happily supplied with great coins, we offer outstanding prices for all United States and foreign coins, currency, medals, and precious metals. Once again, you will interact directly with a lifelong professional numismatist renown in the trade for integrity, responsibility, and dedication to the hobby. Whether you own just a few items or a vast coin collection, we would love to learn more!   Just give us a call or fill out the form below to describe your holdings, then we’ll work together to explore the possibilities.

Thank you for thinking of Coins of America for appraising or selling your collection. We look forward to hearing from you!