9/11 Commemorative Challenge Coin Collection

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9/11 Commemorative Challenge Coin Collection

The flagship of our September 11th ten-year anniversary products! A striking 5" x 7" tri-fold provides historic details regarding the events of September 11th and the unity seen in our nation on the ensuing days. Centrally displayed is a beautiful challenge coin rich in symbolism and strength that you can remove from the collection and carry with you as a tangible reminder of the tragic events 10 years ago this fall.

About the Coin Design

The Obverse of this commemorative coin features a spirited eagle looking towards peace and back to the events of September 11, 2001. The Union shield in the foreground features three stars representing the way with which Americans united during the attacks on the World Trade Center, the U.S. Pentagon and United Flight 93 – the three locations that carried the brunt of the attacks on freedom. Although 10 years have passed, each represented by the 10 arching stars, the day lives on as one we will always remember.

The Reverse of this commemorative coin feature the steadfast depiction of Lady Liberty and with the waving American flag background are unmistakable icons of the history and strength of America. The excerpt from the official pledge of allegiance reminds us all of the vigilance and allegiance we are to have in order to preserve these greatest of freedoms and values.

Challenge Coins have a deep-rooted history. Everything from associating with comrades of particular military campaigns, to law enforcement pride, to individual accomplishments. The idea of carrying your challenge coin is a way of carrying your identity. If a fellow carrier of a challenge coin should “challenge” you, it is with pride and confidence that you present your coin as proof of commitment. Join us as we carry our challenge forward to always remember the events of September 11th and how we came together to triumph over our enemy’s attack on freedom. Carry your coin it as a tangible reminder for yourself and future generations.