Scott Walker Legacy Commemorative

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Scott Walker Legacy Commemorative

Limited-Edition Scott Walker Collectible Includes:

- A striking Collectible covering Walker's life in politics and highlighting the historic recall election win on June 5, 2012!  In this limited-edition collectible, Coins of America commemorates the accomplishments of Scott Walker, the 45th Governor of Wisconsin.   Walker's agenda promotes fiscal responsibility and limited government - pillars of the conservative political movement.  The entire design is complimented by full-color photography!

- A 39mm Challenge Coin designed to honor Governor Scott Walker!

About the Coin Design: Designed to honor Walker's fiscal responsibility, as well as his desire to make a positive impact and limit government!  The burnished bronze finish compliments the colorful coin on which the obverse features the bust of Scott Walker encircled by the words "Governor", "Wisconsin" and "Scott Walker".

The Reverse of this commemorative coin celebrates the conservative values that are the cornerstone of Walker's agenda for the State of Wisconsin.  As other states take notice, these same conservative values can move America Forward.

About Challenge Coins: Challenge Coins have a deep-rooted history.  Everything from associating with comrades of particular military campaigns, to law enforcement pride, to individual accomplishments.  The idea of carrying your challenge coin is a way of carrying your identity.  If a fellow carrier of a challenge coin should “challenge” you, it is with pride and confidence that you present your coin as proof of commitment. 

Join with others in "Moving America Forward" and carry your Scott Walker Challenge Coin as a tangible reminder for yourself and future generations.